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Top 25 Caravanning & Camping Blogs in Australia 2023

Looking for some more inspiration to get out and start travelling around Australia? There are tons of fantastic blogs out there that are motivating others as well as providing them with concrete advice on how to get started with their own travels.

Whether it’s expenditure calculators and spreadsheets, advice on which gear to get, reviews of campsites, or itineraries and photos of the best places to go, these blogs are providing invaluable advice and resources to those who are thinking of hitting the road.

I want to recognise and thank those blogs that are doing an outstanding job of helping their fellow travellers. I hope that this being on this list helps expose them to more people who could benefit from their advice.

The list below represents the best of the best when it comes to caravanning and camping blogs in Australia.

#1 - Caravanning With Kids

Wayne & Adele started what has become one of the most popular travel blogs in Australia - Caravanning With Kids.

Packed full of recipes, gear reviews, home schooling tips, and even a regular e-magazine, this blog is heavily focussed on how to travel as a family with young kids.

They even sell a number of their own products, including a pegless clothesline! I highly recommend that you check out Caravanning With Kids and the useful resources within.

#2 - Lost and Loving It

Lost and Loving It is another highly popular blog created by Noela and Joe. They have been travelling as a family since 2013, and decided in 2017 that they would continue travelling full time without returning home!

Their blog has steadily grown over time, and is now packed with resources on how to save money for your trip, how to do home schooling for young kids, as well as how to change your mindset on taking risks (like leaving your job to go travelling with kids!).

They encourage you to be ‘lost and loving it’!

Driving through forest

#3 - Trip In A Van

Trip In A Van (or TIAV for short) started when Justin and Bec decided to hit the road with their 3 young kids over 5 years ago! In addition to writing about their travels, they have filled their blog with useful spreadsheets and books to help other travellers budget for their own trips!

There’s also gear reviews, destination & itinerary lists as well as advice on travelling with kids and dogs. They also have a thriving YouTube channel that has plenty of interesting videos.

All in all, this is a very useful resource for anyone considering a lap around Australia of their own!  Read more over at Trip In A Van!

#4 - The Blonde Nomads

Rob and Tracy, along with their 2 kids, Marli and Ziggy, make up The Blonde Nomads. On the road since 2017, they like taking their time when travelling, enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

They’ve been featured on a number of magazine covers as well as the Channel 9 Today Show. Their site includes a number of products reviews as well as exclusive discounts for their readers.

Get the full details over at The Blonde Nomads!

#5 - Big Family Little Income

A blog all about the Devereaux family, this site includes more than just info about caravanning and doing a big lap around Oz - although that was a big focus of their site in the earlier years.

Rather than useful guides and calculators, this blog offers an unfiltered insight into what it is like to do a big lap as a large family!

Read all about the ups and downs that come with long term family travel over at Big Family Little Income.

#6 - Travelling Australia With Kids

After doing her own big lap with her family in 2017 but finding limited information about destination and gear (other than the commercial spiels from the proprietors themselves) she decided to set up TAWK - a blog dedicated to providing fellow travellers with real information about what it’s like to do a lap of this big country!

There’s plenty of information and downloadables on budgeting and home schooling, but there’s also some excellent content on choosing the best caravan for you and your family.

See more over at Travelling Australia With Kids.

#7 - Indefinite Leave

Kev & Adele are the proud owners of Indefinite Leave, a blog all about getting more out of life and living it on your own terms.

They have tons of great recipes as well as lots of destination guides.

Check out the full blog over at Indefinite Leave.

#8 - Galways Go Round

After an inspirational 5 week trip in late 2015, Sharon and Adam Galway decided to write a ‘Fifty by 50’ list - 50 things they wanted to do by the age of 50.

The blog serves to track their progress on their way to hitting the big 50, as well as providing fellow travellers with an honest glimpse into what life is like on the road.

Their ‘Income On The Road’ webinar is very popular and one of their main contributions to the Australian caravanning and camping community.

#9 - A Big Peachey Adventure

A blog started by Natalie and Michael to fill a void that they saw in terms of information about long term caravanning with children, A Big Peachey Adventure has rapidly become one of the most popular caravanning blogs in Australia!

This is in large part thanks to their unique podcast all about family travel. They discuss and explore interesting topics like how to save money to start your trip, how to keep your bank balance healthy by working while on the road and much, much more.

Check out their site and podcast over at A Big Peachey Adventure.

#10 - Trekking Down Under

Ryan and Amy have been travelling around Australia with their young family since 2018 and they have used this opportunity to create Trekking Down Under.

Part journal where they document their own experiences and part informational with guides and reviews of the many destinations they have been to, this blog is very useful for those who are thinking of doing their own trip someday!

Find out more over at Trekking Down Under.

#11 - Four Hands in a Tin Can

Pete and Annie are the creators of this blog, which is all about overland family travel in Australia. The blog documents their own trip, which they departed on in 2016, plus it includes a number of detailed destination guides and reviews.

There are tons of kid friendly activities included here, so it’s a great place to look for inspiration if you are struggling to find some good activities for your own kids while on the road.

#12 - Dirty Drifters

Adam and Tahnee are the two dirty drifters - a couple from WA who are set on travelling all around Australia. Rather than many of the other overland travel blogs which focus on family travel and caravans, the Dirty Drifters are childless and camp in their rooftop tent!

This makes them appeal to those would-be travellers who are without kids and are wondering how to best go about doing a lap of Australia.

Check out their gear and destination reviews over at Dirty Drifters.

#13 - Sparkys On The Loose

Another couple without kids, electricians Kurt and Amyee have become hugely popular recently thanks to their thriving YouTube channel. They love visiting out of the way towns and supporting the locals that live there.

Find out more over at Sparkys On The Loose.

#14 - West Australian Explorer

Focussed exclusively on Western Australia, Nina has designed this site to help both first time visitors as well as locals find interesting things to do out west.

There’s camping and caravan park reviews, itinerary lists as well as product recommendations. Check it all out over at West Australian Explorer.

#15 - ZigaZag

Following on from the WA theme, we have this useful resource by Jo, which is all about some of the best tourist attractions that WA has to offer.

The site also covers restaurants, various accommodation options as well as detailed itinerary lists.

You can find out more over at Zigazag.

#16 - The Great Escape

Renee and Nathan have set up The Great Escape, a blog all about long term family travel in Australia and New Zealand.

They aim to show would-be travellers what life is like on the road, plus help you think about your own life and what you could do differently to start living the life of your dreams.

They have tips and advice on topics ranging from caravan renovations to 4x4 insurance, solar panel setup to budgeting plus much, much more.

See it all over at The Great Escape.

#17 - The Feel Good Family

Katie and Paul started this blog, which is all about helping you create the kind of life for yourself where you just ‘feel good’.

Their popular YouTube channel documents their journey around Australia, and their website contains useful tips on caravans, camping recipes and product recommendations.

Find out more over at The Feel Good Family.

#18 - Our Wayfaring Life

Emma and Daryl are the couple behind Our Wayfaring Life, a blog that documents their travels as well as provides useful travelling tips.

They cover topics ranging from caravan care and maintenance to advice for travelling with a dog. You can read it all (including their destination guides) over at Our Wayfaring Life.

#19 - Not Grey Nomads

Frannie and Crispy are the couple behind Not Grey Nomads, a blog documenting the travels of a couple in their 40s as they set off for a trip around Australia.

They discuss what it’s like to work while travelling, how to keep track of your money and manage your expenditure, plus the mindset shift required for successful long term travel.

Check out the full blog over at Not Grey Nomads.

#20 - Lapping Oz

Mia and Adam (plus their 2 kids) are the family behind Lapping Oz. With their ute and poptop caravan, they have been making their way around Australia and using the blog to keep track of the interesting things that happen along the way.

They discuss things like caravan renovations, accessories and helpful products and tools that they have used along the way.

Check out the full blog over at Lapping Oz.

#21 - Adventure By 3

This blog is all about travelling Australia as a young family with a caravan and it is run by Stacey.

They share their caravan setup, provide tips for travelling with kids, plus do product reviews and recommendations. They include information about the USA as well as Australia.

See it all over at Adventure By 3.

#22 - Running Around Australia

A blog about a Parkrun loving family headed up by Sam and Chris, Running Around Australia covers a family of 5 travelling around Australia in a caravan.

Follow along with their travels and learn some useful things from them along the way, such as how to buy a caravan for the right price, tips on free camping, plus home schooling advice.

#23 - Let Me Be Free Blog

The Let Me Be Free Blog by Annie is all about helping people gain confidence through travelling. She is big on getting back to nature and enjoying the simple things in life, which she blogs about extensively.

She discusses a wide variety of travel destinations, gives tips on free camping and talks about four wheel driving.

Find out more over at Let Me Be Free Blog.

#24 - Roaming Down Under

A blog designed to be all about places in Australia that are off the beaten track and not frequented by hordes of tourists, Graham has developed a resource to help travellers find hidden gems that they might have otherwise overlooked.

You can search by location, category, or map over at Roaming Down Under.

#25 - Australia For Everyone

Not limited to just camping and caravanning, Australia For Everyone is an all-in-one travel guide covering a wide variety of topics related to traversing this big continent.

Check out the full site over at Australia For Everyone.

What do you think of this list? Did you find a few new camping and caravanning bloggers to follow? Or did I miss your favourite blog? If I did, post in the comments below for everyone to find!

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While Louis does most of his trips near his home in south-east Queensland, he has been camping as far afield as South America and Africa. He loves researching, testing and experimenting with camping gear whenever possible.

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