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November 11


Best Caravan Reversing Cameras in Australia – Tow With Confidence!

Do you find it challenging to reverse your caravan?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Many people hate trying to maneuver a trailer backward into position. Unless you’re confident, it’s a stressful and even dangerous process. However, there’s an easy way to ease the tension.

A caravan reversing caravan will help help you to tow with confidence. You’ll never have to worry about blind spots again. These devices are fantastic because they provide high-resolution, real-time images to give a clear view of your vehicle.

But which one should you buy?

Let’s look at a range of products to help you find the best caravan reversing camera for your needs and budget. Check out the guide below.


Safety Dave 5.8” Sunshield Rear Vision Kit

Sphere Caravan Reversing Camera Kit

Furrion Vision S Rear-Vision Camera & 7" Display Kit

Dometic RVS 545 - 5" AHD LCD Monitor & Camera

Safety Dave 5.8” Sunshield Rear Vision Kit
Sphere Caravan Reversing Camera Kit
Our pick
Furrion Vision S Rear-Vision Camera & 7
Best Value
Dometic RVS 545 - 5





















2 years

1 year

1 year

1 year

Best Caravan Reversing Cameras Australia

Safety Dave 5.8” Sunshield Rear Vision Kit

Safety Dave 5.8” Sunshield Rear Vision Kit

Honourable Mention

  • Two-channel rearview monitor
  • Cables to suit customers needs
  • Dust caps are available
  • Waterproof
  • 7” screen
  • Anti-glare covering
  • Audio functionality
  • Two-year warranty
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Only two cameras

This Safety Dave caravan reversing camera is specifically designed for the role. The company’s main target market is the camping industry.

As a result, this is a decent camera with a 5.8” two-channel rearview monitor. This size screen should be clear enough for most users. Simply attach it to your windscreen with a suction cup.

Another benefit is that the screen has a sun shield so you don’t have to deal with a glare on a bright day. This is especially important in Australia for obvious reasons.

The product utilises a waterproof eyeball camera. This is important because it is exposed to the elements regularly. There are also dust caps for added protection.

Safety Dave provides two different four-pin cables (15m and 7.5m) depending on the user’s requirements. These provide audio, video, and power.

However, this caravan rearview camera has a couple of issues.

Firstly, it’s not the cheapest at almost $500. There are similar products available for a lower price. But to Safety Dave’s credit, they offer an unmatched two-year warranty.

The other potential problem is that it’s only compatible with two cameras. Some competitors work with three or even four. Some potential customers will question if this caravan reversing camera represents value for money.

Sphere Caravan Reversing Camera Kit

Sphere Caravan Reversing Camera Kit

Honourable Mention

  • Large 7” monitor
  • 1 Black eyeball camera
  • Different cable sizes are available
  • Connector brackets included
  • Reasonable price
  • One year warranty
  • Only compatible with two cameras
  • No information on sun glare protection

Sphere is one of the most trusted brands in the world of camping accessories. Their caravan reversing camera kit has some interesting features that could make it a great option for you.

They utilise a black eyeball camera to provide clear images to a 7” colour monitor. This is an excellent size screen. The extra size it has over the Safety Dave makes a big difference, especially for less confident drivers.

Similarly to the Safety Dave caravan reversing camera, it comes with two different cables (6m and 20m). Also, the kit provides a spring cable and connector brackets for easy installation.

Like the Safety Dave, it’s only compatible with two cameras. This may not be enough for some people who want visibility from every side of their caravan. You will have to order the Sphere Dual Camera Wiring Kit if you want to add an extra camera to your set-up.

Another potential issue is that Sphere doesn’t say if there is sun-glare protection. This is an important feature in Australia because you don’t want to spend your holiday straining your eyes.

It’s possible to find the Sphere Reversing Camera Kit for as cheap as $340 with a one-year warranty. This makes it better value than the Safety Dave Rear Vision Kit.

Furrion Vision S Rear-Vision Camera & 7" Display Kit

Furrion Vision S Rear-Vision Camera & 7

Our Pick

  • Digital wireless
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Infrared night vision
  • Waterproof camera
  • Touch screen
  • Displays up to four cameras
  • Multiple mounts are available
  • Rear assist line markers when reversing
  • 150m wireless range
  • Expensive

The Furrion Vision S Rear-Vision Camera is a superb piece of kit. It’s probably the best caravan reversing camera you can find today.

This is one of the most advanced units out there. It operates a digital wireless system with a phenomenal range of 150m.

It’s possible to connect up to four cameras to your LCD. This is the most out of any of the products in this guide. These cameras are waterproof and robust so you won’t have to worry about much wear and tear.

Furrion provides a high-end LCD 7” display with 480x272 resolution. It has a touch screen with anti-glare protection. This makes it easy to view everything that is going on around your vehicle.

Meanwhile, the cameras operate with 720x480p and send clear images to your screen. You can mount the display on your windshield or the dashboard.

Another amazing feature is that it offers rear assist line markers when you reverse your caravan. This wireless reversing camera for caravans is easily one of the most effective you’ll find today.

The only problem is that it’s expensive. At well over $600, the price may prove prohibitive for a lot of potential customers. That’s not to say that it’s overpriced because it is an excellent kit, but it is expensive.

It comes with a one-year warranty.

Dometic RVS 545 - 5" AHD LCD Monitor & Camera

Dometic RVS 545 - 5

Best Value

  • Easy to use
  • Connect up to three cameras
  • Anti-reflection technology
  • High-resolution LCD
  • Mirror function
  • Day-night switching
  • Temperature-controlled heater for cold climates
  • Max operating temperature of 70°C
  • Reasonable price
  • One year warranty
  • None!

The final entry in our guide is the Dometic RVS 545.

This caravan rearview camera is superb. That’s because it’s designed with truck drivers in mind. They require reliable systems as they’re constantly on the move. But it works perfectly with camping vehicles too.

You can connect up to three cameras to this system for an enhanced view of your vehicle’s surroundings. It’s also easy to use and to set up.

The screen size is smaller than the Furrion at just 5”. However, it’s still top-of-the-range with anti-reflection technology. The LCD is light sensitive and has an integrated microphone.

Dometic has created a temperature-controlled system that will operate in cold and searing climates. It will work without issues in conditions up to 70°C. So even if you go to the depths of the Outback you’ll have no troubles.

There are several useful settings like day-night switching and a mirror function so you can set these to your personal preferences.

It may come as a surprise that this is reasonably priced in the mid $300 range with a one-year warranty.

This is stellar considering that the Sphere model costs the same. But this system offers a lot more. Overall, the Furrion may be slightly more advanced. But Dometic has the best caravan reversing camera for under $400.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Caravan Reversing Camera

Now let’s look at some different aspects to think about when you buy a caravan rearview camera. These will help you find the best product for your needs.

Screen Size

Many people prefer a larger display because it’s easier to see the image feed.

If you are operating multiple cameras a bigger screen has an advantage. The Furrion and Sphere cameras have great 7” displays that enable users to easily see what’s going on.

Some drivers are less confident and don’t want to strain their eyes looking at a smaller screen. Others have a weaker vision so a larger screen makes sense.

On the other hand, certain drivers prefer a smaller display because they don’t want it to distract them when they’re on the move. It’s entirely down to personal preference.

Wireless or Wired

When you buy your kit you have to choose between a wireless rearview camera for caravan towing or a cable system.

Both of these have advantages.

The former requires less of a set-up. Typically, like the Furrion, they are higher-end systems. Unfortunately, the price will reflect this. They tend to have multiple digital functions like infrared technology and are very user-friendly.

However, they can have interference. Wireless systems require the receiver and transmitter to be aimed at each other. But if there is an entire caravan in between them, there can be issues. This is especially true in adverse weather conditions.

Wired systems are less flashy but they can be more reliable. They also typically cost a lot less. If you buy a wired caravan reversing camera like the Dometic RVS 545 you’re getting a great kit.


Believe it or not, there’s a lot of sunshine in Australia.

That’s why all of the best caravan reversing camera kits have anti-glare or anti-reflection displays. There’s nothing worse than excessive light bouncing off an LCD and interfering with your vision while you're trying to reverse your 20 foot

The only system above that doesn’t specify any kind of solar light prevention is the Sphere reversing camera. However, the other three products deal with sunlight in a variety of ways.

Don’t underestimate how useful this is. Reversing a caravan can be stressful enough without having to strain your eyes as well.

Audio Function

Both the Furrion and Dometic cameras have audio functions that can make life easier for the driver.

Everybody has seen the typical scene of one person waving their arms furiously as they risk their lives to guide a caravan into a garage or on a site. It’s not the most dignified role in the world but it’s necessary.

However, audio functions can take away the stress and drama.

The person outside can calmly communicate with the driver and tell them which way to turn. It’s a lot safer and they don’t have to run around like a headless chicken.

Rear Assist Line Markers

The Furrion system is the only unit to provide rear assist line markers. These are a standard feature in many cars these days. However, not every caravan reversing camera offers this.

They do make a massive difference because they give the driver something to aim for. It’s also one of the reasons why the Furrion costs a lot more.

If you hate reversing a caravan or trailer then this could be a game-changer.

If you want to read more about towing and reversing, check out the QLD government page on the topic.

Number of Cameras

If you invest in a new caravan rearview camera system, ensure that there are at least two cameras.

One is pointed at the bumper so that you can easily see behind the van while reversing. The other is directed upward so you can see the traffic behind you when you’re on the move.

The more cameras, the more points of view you have. Even if you don’t plan on using more than two initially it may be worth getting a system that enables more. At least this way you’ll have the option in the future.

Final Thoughts

A caravan reversing camera will change your life. Along with your towing mirrors, these are one of the most important safety accessories for your van.

With one of these, you can reverse your caravan with confidence and stop worrying about denting your van or worse, hitting a kid who unexpectedly ran behind your van.

If you want an outstanding wireless reversing camera for caravan towing, don’t look past the Furrion Vision S. It’s expensive but has a lot of great specs that other systems don’t and is compatible with up to four cameras.

However, if you can’t justify spending that amount of money, the Dometic is an excellent alternative. It has a slightly smaller screen but overall it’s one of the best caravan reversing cameras available.

If you have any questions about these products, please leave a comment below.

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  • There has been no mention of the camera view angle. I have a 30 degree view angle which is closer to a rear vision mirror. With the usual fish eye lenses it is near impossible to judge distances of approaching vehicles. I have used both and would never go back to the fish eye ie. 90 degrees and more. These have their place for close in reversing.

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