Best 12V Portable Car Fridge For Camping

Updated: May 18


Best 12V Portable Car Fridge/Freezer for Camping in Australia [2022]

Going camping doesn’t have to mean lukewarm beer and questionably refrigerated chicken floating in a pool of melted ice at the bottom of your esky. It doesn’t have to mean repeatedly draining your esky and then heading to the servo for more ice.

12V portable fridges for your car or caravan are very reliable these days and do a great job at keeping your food and drink cool while you are out exploring Australia’s great outdoors!

In this article, I will run you through the best 12V portable camping fridge/freezers for your car to help you figure out which one makes sense for you! I'll also take you through a checklist of the things to look out for when choosing your fridge!

To get started, let's quickly compare a representative model from each of the brands mentioned in this article.

I've decided to compare the 45L model (or as close to this as possible) from each of the brands, as this is a popular capacity and almost all brands have a fridge at close to this size.


Engel MT-V45F

Brass Monkey 50L Dual

Dometic CFX3 45


Kings 45L Fridge

OZtrail 45L Fridge

Our Pick
Engel MT-V45F
Best Value
Brass Monkey 50L Fridge
Dometic CFX3 45
myCOOLMAN 44L Fridge
Kings 45L Fridge Freezer
OZtrail 45L fridge