X-Bull Recovery Tracks Review – Worth It?

X-Bull recovery tracks come at a very affordable price, which makes them an attractive option. However, with that low price comes the doubt as to whether they can actually handle the job or whether they are a waste of money.

In this review, we’ll look at the X-Bull Gen 3 recovery tracks in detail. We’ll talk about their pros and cons, their design, and who they’re best for.

Our goal is to give you all the information you need to know to make a decision.

Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons
  • Very affordable - just a third of the price of premium brands
  • Plenty of grip points to prevent slippage
  • 10-ton capacity - safe to use for any off-road vehicles
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Ergonomically harder to use as a shovel
  • A bit thicker than the Maxtrax - harder to store


The X-Bull recovery tracks Gen 3 is the successor of the Gen 2 of the same brand which was highly regarded as a good budget option amongst off-roaders.

Immediately you can distinguish Gen 3 from Gen 2 because of its X mark at the centre and a bull icon on both ends. 

X-Bull Recovery Track Design

They’re approximately 109cm long, 33cm wide, and 13cm thick. They each weigh about 5.4kg which is just as big and heavy as other recovery tracks.

The X-Bull recovery track Gen 3 is made with UV stabilised nylon that is rated up to 10-tons on a flat surface.


Furthermore, the X-Bull Gen 3 is reinforced with stiffening ribs making it much stronger than the Gen 2. They also have more rounded knobs for additional traction.

X-Bull claims the Gen 3 is a lot stronger than its predecessor, and when you look at it from an engineering standpoint, it seems correct.

Compared to other premium brands like Maxtrax, the X-Bull recovery tracks seem to be just as robust.

Several tests have also put the two side by side and the X-Bull recovery tracks seem to be able to keep up with the market’s leading brands.

Stronger Recovery Track

The X-Bull Gen 3 comes with a carry bag which allows you to store them better. However, one thing I noticed is that they don’t stack up as well as the Maxtrax.

What I mean by that is that if you put a pair of X-Bull recovery tracks inside your vehicle, they take up more space than a pair of Maxtrax boards.

Some users also pointed out that because they’re thicker, they’re actually harder to place under the tyres.

U-Shape Design

Known Issues & Warranty

Known Issues

Overall, the X-Bull recovery tracks are considered to be a good and reliable product.

One thing to note, however, is something that I mentioned when we talked about the design. They’re a bit thicker and they don’t stack up as well as the premium option which might take up more space. 

Known Issue

Also, one user has pointed out that because they are thicker, it’s harder to use them as a shovel.

Known Issue-Thickness


Most X-Bull products have a 12-month warranty from the time of purchase. Also, they allow a 30-days return for unopened items in case you change your mind.

In terms of honouring these claims, X-Bull is in good standing with all its customers.

One user even testified that X-Bull was quick to replace his broken recovery track even when the cause was user error (you’re not supposed to spin your wheels on these tracks).



X-Bull recovery tracks are one of the most affordable recovery tracks on the market. In fact, they’re only a third of the price of the leading brand, Maxtrax.

But despite that, they haven’t compromised substantially on the quality. Most will say they’re close to or as good as the leading brand in terms of strength and durability.

With its impressive strength, great design, and good price, the X-Bull recovery tracks are definitely good bang for your buck.

X-Bull Recovery Tracks FAQ

Are X-Bull recovery tracks good?

Yes. Despite being one of the most affordable recovery tracks on the market, the X-Bull recovery tracks work very well and are reasonably durable.

How many recovery tracks should you have?

For most, having a pair of recovery tracks is enough to get you out of normal “stuck” situations.

However, if you spend a lot of time on really difficult terrain, having 4 recovery tracks on standby is good practice.

Final Thoughts - X-Bull Recovery Tracks Review

X-Bull recovery tracks are a great budget option for those who are looking for high-quality recovery tracks.

Despite their low price, these recovery tracks are very reliable and can be used in all kinds of terrain.

When it comes to 4x4 recoveries, the X-Bull recovery tracks can handle most situations as well as the premium brands.

Review Summary

Reviewer: Louis
Review Date: 2022-04-11
Reviewed Item: X-Bull Recovery Tracks
Author Rating: 4/5
Product Name: X-Bull Recovery Tracks
Price: AUD $109.90
Product Availability: Available in Stock

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