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XTM Swag Review (Single & Double) – Does It Stack Up?

How can you best prepare yourself when it comes to protecting yourself from the elements and getting a good night’s sleep out in nature?

In this XTM swag review, we’re going to be looking closely at both the XTM 4x4 double swag, as well as the XTM 4x4 single swag.

A number of crucial factors are going to be investigated, such as how comfortable these swags are, how they hold up against wind and rain, how durable and reliable they are, how easy they are to set up and take down, as well as several other key points.


XTM 4x4 Single Swag

XTM 4x4 Double Swag

XTM 4x4 Single Swag
XTM 4x4 Double Swag

215 x 90 cm

215 x 140 cm

65 cm

83 cm

7.6 kg

14 kg

155 x 35 x 35 cm

155 x 35 x 35 cm

400GSM Polycotton canvas, PVC flooring

400GSM Polycotton canvas, PVC flooring

1 year

1 year

Pros & Cons

XTM Swag Single & Double Pros and Cons
  • Alloy poles are lightweight but sturdy
  • Internal pockets for storage
  • Double stitched reinforced seams protect it from rain and wind
  • Thick 450GSM PVC Bucket floor keeps out rain and moisture
  • Easy to set up, typically takes no longer than 5-10mins
  • Opens on both sides, so no need to climb over each other
  • Mesh lets in plenty of air but is dark enough for privacy
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Poles snap on occasion and can be difficult to replace
  • Included 50mm mattress not particularly comfortable
  • Despite following waterfproofing instructions, many users report waking up soggy with a soaked mattress
  • Zippers can be tough to use and may stick
  • Many users report that the bag which both swags come in often rips and is unusable once the swag has been taken out
  • For the single swag, the mattress is about 1.5 feet shorter than the length of the swag


The XTM 4x4 double has dimensions of 215cm in length by 140cm in width, with an internal head height of 83cm. On the other hand, the XTM 4x4 single has dimensions of 215cm in length by 90cm in width, and a head height of 65cm.

Many users have reported that the single swag is not necessarily ideal for adults, and is more suitable for children. In fact, if you are over 190cm tall, the XTM 4x4 single swag is probably not going to cut it for you.

Alternatively, the double swag is noted to be quite spacious, and has flaps on either end, so you don’t need to climb over someone else if they’re in the swag with you.

When it comes to packed dimensions, both swags are fairly lightweight and easy to stow away.

XTM Swag Size


Both the XTM 4x4 double and single are made from the same material, which is 400GSM Ripstop poly-cotton canvas, with double-stitched seams, as well as PVC flooring to repel rain and prevent moisture from leaking in.

Many people have reported that, even after seasoning their swag more than once, water ended up leaking in and causing the mattress to become wet and soggy - not pleasant!

This is why before heading out to camp, you should be very careful that you inspect your swag closely after seasoning, and apply a seam sealing product to any areas that still appear to be leaking.

XTM Swag Weatherproofing


A 50mm thick mattress is included with both swags. However, many users have noted that it doesn’t provide much support, and that their hips feel like they dig into the ground when sleeping on their side.

As a result, it’s recommended that you purchase an extra topper or swag mattress to supplement it.

You could even look at putting a swag stretcher underneath it for extra support.

XTM Swag Single & Double Bedding


Typically, setting up either swag does not take too long - up to 10 minutes at most. However, the instructions for setup do not include any text, and are purely based on step by step images.

XTM Swag Single & Double Setup

Known Issues & Warranty

Known Issues

Based on many of the customer reviews out there, there seems to be a few common issues with both the XTM 4x4 double and single swags.

One of the most notable issues is that the alloy poles tend to snap easily, even without having used them very much. On top of that, the poles are usually not easy to replace, as users have noted that they cannot be ordered online, and BCF stores do not tend to keep extras in stock.

As mentioned earlier, water leakage has been reported even after seasoning the swag. Therefore, definitely make sure you inspect your swag closely after seasoning, to ensure that there aren’t any leaky spots.

It has been noted by several customers that the original bag containing the swag is prone to ripping and usually can’t be reused, as the swag comes vacuum sealed when purchased. You may want to consider getting a replacement swag bag.

Finally, the zippers have been known to stick, so it’s recommended that they are handled gently.

XTM Swag Single & Double Known Issues


A one year warranty is included with both the double and single swags.

When it comes to honoring the warranty, BCF is unable to replace certain parts in a timely manner, such as the alloy poles. However, they are reachable and available to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have.


Both the XTM 4x4 double and single swags are priced very reasonably in comparison to similar-sized options on the market. Despite a few common issues with these swags, the relatively low price tag balances out any perceived shortcomings.


Are XTM swags any good?

Overall, XTM swags are fairly standard in their features and reliability. Both the XTM 4x4 double and single swags would be best suited for novice to intermediate campers, since more experienced or more frequent users will want a more reliable option with more features.

How do you set up an XTM swag?

Simply follow the step by step instructions included in the packaging, and you should be able to set up either the double or single XTM swag in under ten minutes.

For more info, check out the video below.

XTM 4x4 Swag - BCF

How do you roll up an XTM swag?

Follow the instructions that come with the packaging to easily and quickly roll up your swag.

Note, however, that many users report ripping and tearing of the original bag used to house both swags, so it may be wise to invest in a larger bag for it.

Just make sure that any bag you buy is made of quality canvas.

Conclusion - XTM Swag Review

In short, both the XTM double