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Best 4 Season Tents in Australia – Which is #1?

Planning on doing some camping in extreme weather and want a tent that will hold up regardless of the conditions? In that case, a 4 season tent is what you need.

But how do you choose which one to get? What should you look out for when buying one? In this article, I review and compare the best 4 season tents Australia to help you make the right decision.

There aren’t actually that many pure 4 season tents in Australia, so the tents in this article are all rated as 3-4 seasons. Nevertheless, I think that they will hold up well even in quite severe weather.

Let’s get straight into it!


Vango Nevis 300 3P Hiking Tent

OZtrail Tourer 9 Canvas Tent

Marmot Fortress 2P Hiking Tent

Black Wolf Turbo Lite 210 Tent

Oztent RV4 Canvas Tent

Best For Hiking
Vango Nevis 3P
Best For Touring
Tourer 9
Marmot Fortress 2P Hiking Tent
Black Wolf Turbo Lite 210
Oztent RV4 Touring Canvas Tent

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2 people

4 people

2 people

2 people

4 people

1 person

3 people

1-2 people

2 people

3 people

2.58 m²

6.76 m²

2.90 m²

4.41 m²

5.76 m²

105 cm

210 cm

106 cm

200 cm

190 cm

70D Polyester

230 GSM canvas

68D Polyester

150D Polyester

8 oz Canvas

2.01 kg

18 kg

2.85 kg

15 kg

23 kg

8 L

64 L

13 L

85 L

227 L

2 years

2 years


3 years

2 years

Best 4 Season Tents in Australia

Vango Nevis 300 3P Hiking Tent

Vango Nevis 3P

Best 4 Season Hiking Tent

  • Sizable sleeping area - better than the Marmot
  • 3,000mm waterproof rating for the fly
  • 6,000mm waterproof rating for the fly
  • Very affordable
  • Packs down to a very compact size
  • 2 year warranty
  • Only 115cm internal ceiling
  • 2.5kg is on the slightly heavier side for a hiking tent

The Vango Nevis range are among the most affordable yet high quality 4 season hiking tents in Australia.

Despite the compact size that it packs down to, it actually has a generously sized sleeping area, meaning that you can fit 2 people plus gear inside the tent (provided you don’t have too much stuff).

The fly and floor both have very good waterproof ratings, meaning that you can sleep easy knowing that it won’t leak no matter how heavy the rain is outside.

It is a little on the heavy side for a hiking tent, but if 2 people split the tent and poles, it is quite manageable.

With a 2 year warranty and for only $249, this is a bargain. I highly recommend this tent for those who will be hiking in cold or otherwise severe weather.

It is available in 1P, 2P and 3P sizes.

OZtrail Tourer 9 Canvas Tent

Tourer 9 Canvas Tent

Best 4 Season Touring Tent

  • Very affordable, great value
  • Thick, high quality 230GSM canvas
  • Sets up in minutes
  • 2 year warranty
  • High 210cm internal ceiling
  • Large sleeping area
  • A few people have complained that the waterproofing is a bit hit-and-miss
  • Quite heavy at 18kg

While very different from the Vango Nevis, this OZtrail Tourer is another option in the 4 season tent category.

As it is a touring tent, it is much more suited to those who will be packing up every morning, driving to a new campsite and then setting up in the evening. It is very heavy, so don’t even think about carrying it more than 100 metres or so.

The major benefit of this tent is that it is an ‘instant up’ tent meaning that it sets up within minutes, thanks to the central support pole.

It is made from high quality canvas which means that it is tough, rip-resistant and weather-proof yet still breathable enough to naturally vent hot air from the tent. Canvas is much heavier than polyester, which means that the tent won’t be flapping about noisily even if you are camping in windy conditions.

Overall, it is a sturdy, well built unit. Considering the size and weight of the tent, it packs down to a remarkably small size. I like the generous 210cm internal ceiling and the 2 year warranty is great too.

Unfortunately, a few people have complained that their unit was not particularly waterproof, which is the last thing you need if you are camping in severe weather. Many other people have not had any issues, however. As with all canvas tents, I highly recommend that you season the tent before you head out on your first trip.

The OZtrail supplied tent bag is pretty mediocre in terms of quality, so I recommend upgrading to something better if your tent will be getting a lot of use. Something like this would do the trick.

Marmot Fortress 2P Hiking Tent

Marmot Fortress 2P Hiking Tent

Runner Up 4 Season Hiking Tent

  • 1,500mm waterproof rating for the fly
  • 2,000mm waterproof rating for the fly
  • 2 vestibules
  • Front and rear doors
  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Only 106cm internal ceiling
  • Somewhat narrow sleeping area, can’t find much gear inside
  • Heavier than the Vango at 2.85kg
  • A tad expensive at $100