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Best 2 Person Tents in Australia [Definitive Guide]

Keen on getting a 2 man tent but not sure which one is right for you? I have reviewed and compared the best 2 person tents in Australia to help you figure out which one suits your style of camping!

There are a wide variety of two man tents out there, so it is important that you identify what kind of camping you will be doing before you rush out and make a purchase.

The other main thing to consider is whether a two person tent is actually right for you. Many two person tents can’t actually comfortably sleep 2 people and their gear, so a 3 person tent may be better for those who need more space.

Let’s get started!

Best 2 Person Tents in Australia

Coleman 2 Person Swagger Instant Up Tent

Coleman 2 Person Swagger

Our Pick

  • Sets up very quickly
  • Generous internal sleeping space
  • Tons of ventilation and windows
  • Front door can be converted into an awning (poles included)
  • 1,500mm waterproofing
  • Holds up well in the wind and rain
  • 1 year warranty
  • Low internal ceiling (120cm)
  • As with most instant tents, it is a bit heavier (9kg)

This hybrid tent-swag is an interesting option. It is an instant up tent, meaning that it can be erected very quickly (often less than 2 minutes) with the use of poles that are pre-attached to the tent. The poles can be raised and locked into position via a central spine.

In addition, it has a wide floor plan, meaning that it can very comfortably sleep 2 people plus gear. Unfortunately, the internal ceiling is low at just 120cm, so no standing up in the tent.

It is widely praised as being very well built and holding up well in adverse weather conditions. Many have commented on how well it handles windy conditions.

I really like the ability to convert the front door into an awning, which provides shade, ventilation and some room for storing extra gear. This is a fantastic tent.

It comes in 2 person and 3 person varieties.

Companion Pro Hiker 2 Tent

Companion Pro Hiker 2

Best 2 Person Hiking Tent

  • 3,000mm waterproof rating - holds up well in wet and windy conditions
  • Excellent build quality
  • Simple setup
  • Comes with a compression storage bag
  • 1 year warranty
  • 2.7kg is a little heavy for a hiking tent - not too bad if 2 people can split poles and tent however

If you need a 2 person tent for hiking, look no further than the Companion Pro Hiker. It is an excellent hiking tent that is reasonably light yet strong enough to handle a variety of weather conditions. It is much loved for its excellent build quality and workmanship.

Coming in at 2.7kg, it is a reasonably light (yet not ultralight) 2P hiking tent. One person hiking alone will find this tent pretty heavy, but if 2 people are sharing it, I recommend that you split the tent and poles into separate, more manageable loads.

The compression storage bag allows it to pack down to a compact cylinder of just 45cm long by 14cm diameter.

Unlike cheaper but more flimsy hiking tents, you can expect this tent to last you many, many trips. It is best for those who want a good balance of price and quality, and are looking at doing some moderate hiking.

OZtrail Festival Dome tent

OZtrail Festival 2 Person Dome Tent

Best Budget 2P Tent

  • Incredibly cheap ($35)
  • Surprisingly decent quality for the price
  • 1 year warranty
  • Quite a lightweight tent at only 2kg
  • Not suitable for serious camping, better for backyard or festival camping
  • No rain fly or ventilation, gets hot in summer.

OZtrail’s festival tent is a very affordable option in the two man tent category. If you are planning on doing some backyard or festival camping, this is definitely the tent for you.

It is very lightweight at just 2kg (even lighter than the Companion Pro Hiker!), although this is largely due to the lack of a rain fly, which isn’t really a good thing. There are also no windows for ventilation, so expect it to get quite hot during the day, and for condensation to build up overnight.

Surprisingly, it does come with a 1 year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that it isn’t a flimsy tent.

Just be aware that this tent isn’t suitable for camping in the bush or in any kind of severe weather. It is definitely a ‘city’ tent.

Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole 2 Pop Up Tent

Explore Planet Earth Speedy 2 Black Hole Pop Up Tent

Best Pop Up 2P Tent

  • Sets up in seconds (literally!)
  • Sunlight blocking to keep you cool and let you sleep in
  • Built in internal lighting makes it easy to use the tent at night
  • 3,000mm waterproof rating
  • 3 year warranty!
  • Internal ceiling quite low at just 120cm
  • The pegs it comes with are not the best quality

The Explore Planet Earth Speedy Black Hole range are widely regarded by many as the best pop up tents in Australia.

It is a surprisingly sturdy and reliable tent, especially for a pop up tent. The 3,000mm waterproof rating will keep you dry in almost all conditions, although some people have noted that you need to peg out the tent carefully to prevent pooling or water on the top.

If you want to see just how well built these tents are, look no further than the 3 year warranty! It is rare to see a 3 year warranty on a tent due to the aggressive environments that they tend to operate in.

A favourite feature of mine is the sunlight blocking. This helps keep you cool on hot summer days, but also warmer on cold winter nights. It also prevents condensation forming and lets you sleep in as long as you like (hey, not all of us want to be getting up at sunrise!).

The built in internal lighting is a nice touch and means that you don’t need any torches or lanterns. It can be powered from a USB battery adapter, or a power bank (batteries and adapter are not included but can be purchased separately quite cheaply).

It comes in 2, 3 and 4 person varieties.

What To Consider When Buying A 2 Man Tent?

Think that you’re ready to make a purchase? Check off on the important points below to make sure that you have considered everything before you commit to a particular tent!


As I mentioned earlier, most 2 person tents can’t actually comfortably sleep 2 adults and their gear. They can usually sleep an adult couple or an adult and child. The exception to this is the Coleman 2P Swagger, which can actually sleep 2 adults in comfort, with space for other camping gear too!

If you have a lot of gear or bags that need storing in the tent, either go with the Coleman Swagger or consider upgrading to a 3 person tent instead.

Having a decent ceiling height on your tent is important too. A high ceiling will let you stand up while in your tent (useful for getting changed), and will also make it feel much roomier and spacious.


Larger, more feature-rich tents (such as instant up tents) tend to be heavier. If you have to lug your tent quite far from where you park your car, do consider the weight. The tents in this article range from 2kg to 9kg!

Season Rating

Some tents are more suitable for certain weather conditions than others. This is typically expressed with the ‘season rating’. 2 and 3 season tents tend to be for mild to moderate weather, whereas a 4 season tent is suitable for use even in cold conditions.


Storms are unpredictable in Australia, with sudden, unexpected downpours very common. You don’t want to be woken up at night with water dripping on your face, so make sure that you choose a tent with a decent waterproof rating.

Ratings range from 1,000mm (the lowest rating that is considered waterproof), all the way up to 10,000mm. The EPE Speedy Blackhole 2 comes with an excellent 3,000mm rating.

TIP: Water leaking through your old tent? Check out our guide on how to waterproof a tent to restore it back to its original state!


We all know how brutal and unforgiving the Australian sun can be. Tents can act as greenhouses, trapping in hot air. Make sure that your tent has some ventilation windows to let the hot air escape, otherwise you’ll be in for a hot and sweaty evening.

The OZtrail Festival Dome tent has no ventilation other than the front door, so expect hot nights. Condensation is likely to form inside the tent in the early morning.

TIP: Check out this guide by REI on how to prevent condensation forming in your tent.

Setup Time

Few people enjoy setting up and packing down tents. Trying to fit both ends of the tent poles onto the pins, clipping the outer layer to the poles, banging tent pegs into rocky ground. It’s not a whole lot of fun.

Thankfully, instant up and pop up tents can make the tent setup process much easier. The Coleman 2P Swagger is an instant up tent that can be up within a few minutes, and EPE Speedy Blackhole 2 is a pop up tent that can be up within seconds.


A warranty lets you sleep easy knowing that your tent is covered if it is defective in any way. It is also a good sign that the manufacturer has faith in the quality of their product, and that they stand behind this quality. The EPE Speedy Blackhole 2 comes with an outstanding 3 year warranty.

Build Quality

Poor build quality means a painful tent setup experience, higher risk of accidental damage to the tent, as well as frustrating and flimsy pegs, poles or zippers. Cheaper tents naturally have poorer build quality, as the manufacturers save on material to keep costs low.

The OZtrail Festival Dome tent is an example of a cheaper tent with potentially poorer build quality.

Extra features

Depending on what you plan on doing, extra features such as those below may be entirely unnecessary, or absolutely essential:

  • Sunlight blocking can keep your tent nice and dark beyond the crack of dawn. This lets you and the kids sleep in as much as you like.
  • Awnings add shade around your tent, keeping it cool and giving you a place to store gear out of the sun. Awnings usually don’t hold up well in strong winds, so don’t leave them up if you will be away from your tent for a while.
  • Built in lighting can make it easy to find whatever you are looking for, without the need to attach lanterns or torches. It is also great for activities in the tent.


Choosing a tent can be difficult. There are so many things to consider, from size, weight, weatherproofing through to warranty, price and build quality.

Considering all of these factors, I think that the Coleman 2P Swagger is the best 2 person tent Australia.

It is one of the few 2 person tents that can actually comfortably sleep 2 people (this is rare!) plus it sets up within just a few minutes. It is also well built and sturdy enough to survive most Australian weather conditions.

Of course, if you are on quite a tight budget, it’s hard to go past the OZtrail Festival Dome tent. You will be hard pressed to find another tent in this price range that isn’t flimsy and actually comes with a 1 year warranty.

I hope that this guide has helped you choose the best 2 person tent for you! Feel free to drop a comment if you need more help!

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Note that while every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this page, there may sometimes be errors. Check all specifications with the manufacturer before purchasing any product.

Our Testing Process

In creating this article, we have completed a rigorous review process on the best out there, comparing products in total, and reading hundreds of reviews from fellow campers to help form our opinions.

The primary goal of our research is to help figure which product is right for you, the user. We systematically go through all of the available options on the market to determine which ones are worthy of our list.

Here’s a full list of the options we considered for this article. Please note that we have never accepted free products from manufacturers.

Full List Of Considered Products

This article may contain affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you choose to purchase a product or service after clicking on my link. This helps pay for the cost of running the website. You will not be disadvantaged in any way by using my links.

Note that while every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this page, there may sometimes be errors. Check all specifications with the manufacturer before purchasing any product.


While Louis does most of his trips near his home in south-east Queensland, he has been camping as far afield as South America and Africa. He loves researching, testing and experimenting with camping gear whenever possible.

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