Where To Fill Caravan Water Tanks – A Quick Guide

Access to clean water is an integral part of caravan living (well, life in general!). But where do you fill your water tanks?

In this article, I will explain the importance of keeping your water tanks topped up, how to find a place to fill up your tanks as well as the types of places that usually have accessible water.

By the end of this article, you will have a pretty good idea of where you can fill your water tanks when you’re on your next journey in your caravan.

The Importance of Keeping Your Water Tanks Topped Up

The importance of keeping your caravan water tanks topped up may seem obvious but it’s still worth laying them out as a reminder.

Water is a basic need. You need water to do dishes, wash hands, cook, or wash your gear. You'll also need it to flush your toilet, run your washing machine and keep your hot water system topped up.

Running out of water without a water source nearby can make your caravan trip go south pretty quickly. This is especially important for those who are living in a caravan and do most of their chores in it.

Travelling with a topped-up water tank is also important if you’re travelling to unfamiliar areas. You never know where the next water source is so it's better to be prepared and fill it up.

Furthermore, cars break down and often in the most inconvenient times. A filled water tank gives you more breathing room knowing you’ll have a supply of water in case you need to spend the night outside a campground.

Lastly, most caravan owners believe you should keep your water tanks full to keep mould from growing.

Caravan Water Tanks

How to Find a Place To Fill Up Your Tanks

There are plenty of ways to find a place to fill up your tanks. The most effective way we’ve found is by driving through water filling stations, centres, and caravan parks. Some areas restrict filling water tanks so it’s important to ask the management before you fill up.

You can also use the Wikicamps app and other similar apps to show you a list of places with water taps nearby. Alternatively, you can use Google Maps to find common areas where you can fill up your water tank. We will discuss more of these areas below.

Remember, always bring your own hose, water filter, and tap fittings. These are not readily available items in the filling stations and there is no other way of filling your water tanks unless you have those.

Ideal Places To Fill Your Water Tanks

I’ve mentioned that you can use Google Maps for places that are likely to have water taps. Here’s a list of places where you can fill your water tanks.

  • Petrol stations
  • Camping grounds
  • City, county, and state parks
  • Travel centres
  • Water refilling stations
  • At home
  • Outdoor recreation stores

Remember, except for water refilling stations, not all places on this list necessarily allow you to fill your water tanks. This is especially true in places that are experiencing drought. For that reason, it’s important to always ask before you fill up your tanks.

You can try your luck at outdoor recreation stores that sell RV or caravan gear. Not all will have an accessible water tap but it can never hurt to ask.

Fill Your Water Tanks


Being prepared and travelling with a filled water tank is essential for your trip. Although the best place to fill your water tank is at home, there are a lot of places where you can fill it up like campgrounds, parks, and travel centres. 

Remember to always bring your hose, water filter, and tap fittings. More importantly, always ask permission before you fill up your water tanks. 

Lastly, don't forget to fill up your water tanks after you have had your caravan in storage for a while. Don't get out into the bush then realise you don't have any water!

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While Louis does most of his trips near his home in south-east Queensland, he has been camping as far afield as South America and Africa. He loves researching, testing and experimenting with camping gear whenever possible.

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