Truma Saphir Review (Compact and Comfort RC)

You may already have gone through a bunch of different roof-mounted air conditioner options and realised that roof-mounted isn’t your only option. As a result, you landed on this Truma Saphir under-bunk air conditioner review.

The Truma Saphir is a popular option for under-bunk air conditioners. In this detailed review, we will go over the pros, cons, and features of the Truma Saphir under-bunk air conditioner to help you make an informed decision whether or not you should have it installed in your caravan.


Saphir Compact

Saphir Comfort RC

Saphir Compact
Saphir Comfort RC

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1.8 kW

2.4 kW


1.7 kW

2.8 A

4.2 A

15 A

20 A

20 kg

23.5 kg

560(L) x 400(W) x 290(H) mm

628(L) x 400(W) x 290 (H) mm

5.5 m

6.5 m



2 years

2 years

Pros & Cons

Truma Saphir Pros and Cons
  • iNET app allows you to control it easily
  • Small and light - smaller than other under-bunk air conditioners
  • Quiet - it has a sleep mode that operates the fan at slower speeds
  • It has a better-looking design than its competitors
  • The comfort RC model can be used as a caravan heater
  • Efficient - cools the caravan quickly
  • Can be integrated with Combi heater using the automatic climate control function
  • More expensive than its competitor
  • Under-bunk types take up some storage space compared to rooftop options


The Truma Saphir air conditioning is different to most other types of air conditioners because rather than sitting on the rooftop, the unit itself is stored inside the caravan.

This gives caravan owners an alternative option to the standard design.

Roof-mounted air conditioning is usually installed at the central skylight. However, some caravans, by design, have their skylight located in an unusual spot, or alternatively the roof isn’t strong enough for the load which makes roof-mounted air conditioning units impractical. 

Truma Saphir Design

Under-bunk air conditioning such as the Truma Saphir is a great solution to this because it can be installed in storage compartments such as under the bed, sink, or a bench. Three ducts connecting to the air blowers can then be arranged to distribute cool air throughout the caravan evenly.

Truma offers two options for the Saphir air conditioning unit. The Saphir comfort RC, which is 626 mm long, 400mm wide, and 290mm tall, and is recommended for caravans 5.5 to 6.5 meters long.

And the Saphir compact, which is 68mm shorter than the former. Recommended for caravans under 5.5m long.

At 23.5kg and 20kg respectively, the Truma Saphir is the lightest air conditioning unit among its class. And, in my opinion, it has a better overall design too.

Saphir comfort RC dimension-layer

Cooling and Heating

The Truma Saphir isn’t just about design and practicality. It performs great too.

Both models not just cool the air but also dehumidify and clean it making it ideal for people suffering from allergies.

The Saphir Comfort RC draws 4.2 Amps and puts out a maximum of 380 m³/h of air which is similar to other air conditioning units. 

Truma Saphir Cooling and Heating

The Saphir compact, however, is much more energy-efficient. It draws out only 2.8 Amps of current and delivers up to 310 m³/h volumetric airflow making it perfect for small to medium-sized caravans.

Another thing to point out about the Truma Saphir is the sound… or the lack thereof. This airconditioning unit is very quiet, even more so during sleep mode where the fan operates at slower speeds.

The Saphir comfort RC is a reverse cycle air conditioner which means it can heat up your van in the cooler seasons. However, in very cold conditions (below 4°C), reverse cycle air conditioning will struggle (this is true for all types of reverse cycle units).


You can easily control the air conditioning units using the remote control that comes with the unit or using the CP plus control panel.

You can also extend your control using the Truma iNET box, a system that allows you to control your Truma appliances via the Truma app wherever you are.

Truma Saphir Remote Control

If you have a Combi heater in addition to any of the two Saphir models, you can use an automatic climate control feature that allows you to let the two units work together to adjust the air temperature to your preferred setting.

It automatically adjusts the temperature using the Combi heater and your air conditioner to achieve your desired temperature.

Known Issues & Warranty

Known Issues

Overall, the Truma Saphir air conditioning unit is considered to be top of the line when it comes to its class.

Regarding its quality and performance, there are no known complaints about this product. Most customers seem to be happy with their purchase and are confident about the quality of this product.

Some customers pointed out that it takes planning to set it up right (e.g. where to put it, how to arrange the ducts, etc.), however, it’s the same with all other units. A bit of careful planning will go a long way when setting up a caravan air conditioner.

The Truma Saphir will take up some of your storage space. Unlike a roof-mounted air conditioning unit like the Truma Aventa comfort, the Truma Saphir needs to be placed inside the caravan.


The company gives a 24-month warranty from the time of purchase. You need to present proof of purchase to make a warranty claim.

The 24-month warranty applies to domestic use only. If the unit is used commercially (e.g. caravan rentals), the warranty period becomes 6 months from the time of purchase.

Take note, only authorised service agents are allowed to perform warranty repairs. The company will not reimburse any repairs done by unauthorised personnel.

With regards to honouring warranty claims, the company has a good reputation with all of its customers.


The Truma Saphir is more than $500 more expensive than the Finch Australia HB9000, its competitor.

However, the Truma Saphir has quite a few extra features like the iNET which allows you to control your Truma appliance from anywhere, the automatic climate control which you can integrate with the combi heater, and the CP plus.

It’s quiet, more efficient, and has a more appealing design compared to Finch Australia HB9000. It’s also lighter and smaller which is essential to save space and reduce weight in a caravan.

That’s not to mention that Truma is a trusted name, with a very good reputation in the caravan industry both in Australia and overseas.

Overall, the high-end functions, great performance, and better design make up for the extra dollars in my opinion.

Truma Saphir (Compact and Comfort RC) FAQ

What’s the difference between ‘reverse cycle’ and ‘heat exchange’?

These are terms used to describe the heating/cooling process that is used by the air conditioners and heaters.

Reverse cycle refers to the method used by air conditioners in which a compressor is run in reverse to heat air. Whereas heat exchange units use an electrical element or similar to warm the air. Alternatively, they heat via gas or diesel.

The former is more efficient, however, it does not always work very well in very cold external temperatures. The latter isn’t as efficient but the heating works regardless of the outside temperature.

Are roof-mounted air conditioners better than under-bunk?

Both roof-mounted and under-bunk air conditioners have their pros and cons.

Roof-mounted air conditioners shift the load to the roof of the caravan. Plus, installation is more laborious. But, they don’t take up any storage space in your caravan.

Under-bunk air conditioners, on the other hand, are easier to install but will require storage space inside the caravan.

What generator size is suitable for the Truma Saphir?

Most manufacturers recommend a 2,400W or a 2,800W inverter generator for most air conditioning units.

Final Thoughts - Truma Saphir Review (Compact and Comfort RC)

If you need to cool your caravan without the hassle of creating holes and reinforcing beams in your caravan roof, the Truma Saphir under-bunk air conditioning is the best solution.

It’s small and light which allows you to set it up easily under your bed, bench, or any storage compartment in your caravan.

It works seamlessly with the Truma Combi heater and you can access your cooling system via the Truma app or the CP plus control panel.

The only thing that could sway my vote to its competitors is the price. But, if you can afford this unit, I highly recommend it.

Have any questions about it? Thoughts or tips for anyone else? Leave a comment below.

Review Summary

Reviewer: Louis
Review Date: 2022-01-17
Reviewed Item: Truma Saphir
Author Rating: 4.5/5
Product Name: Truma Saphir
Price: AUD $2139
Product Availability: Available in Stock

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While Louis does most of his trips near his home in south-east Queensland, he has been camping as far afield as South America and Africa. He loves researching, testing and experimenting with camping gear whenever possible.

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