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Kings Escape Deluxe Single Swag Review – Worth Buying?

Considering buying the Escape single swag but wondering whether it’s actually worth it? There’s been a lot of positive and negative comments out there about this swag, so it can be difficult to know whether you should get it or not.

In this Kings Escape Deluxe single swag review, I look at the pros and cons, the main features of the swag and most importantly, what real users of this swag have to say about it.

I have summarised all of this here to help you figure out whether it’s the right one for you! Let’s get started!

Pros & Cons

Kings Escape Deluxe single swag


  • Quite affordable
  • Head height of 80cm
  • 50mm thick mattress included
  • Mattress 2.1m long - suitable for tall guys
  • 400GSM cotton canvas construction
  • Storm flaps to keep water out
  • Sets up easily
  • 1 year warranty


  • Waterproofing not so good
  • Some have commented that the poles are bit flimsy

Now that we know the main pros and cons of the Kings deluxe single swag, let’s take a look at it in more detail.


Swags often conjure up images of tight, claustrophobic spaces, with little room to move around. The Kings single swag however, is fairly spacious thanks to the dome design.

210cm long and 90cm wide means that there is plenty of space to spread out, even if you are a tall guy with broad shoulders. The 80cm head height means that you have plenty of breathing space between you and the ceiling.


The Kings Deluxe Escape single swag is made from thick 400GSM canvas. This is right at the upper end in terms of canvas thicknesses for tents and swags.

Kings Escape Deluxe swag

Theoretically, this should be enough to keep you dry no matter the weather conditions. Despite this, a number of people have complained that their Kings single swag is not waterproof and readily leaks at the first sign of rain.

Some have found that their seams leak, while others have noticed large 1-2mm needle holes in their canvas, leftover from when the canvas was sewn together during the manufacturing process.

Kings have claimed that these waterproofing issues are caused by a lack of seasoning on the part of the user.

For those who aren’t familiar with canvas seasoning, it involves repeatedly wetting the canvas to help it swell up and seal off these needle holes in the fabric. Check out this article on how to season your swag for more info.

Despite this, a number of customers have claimed that even with heavy seasoning, their swags continue to leak water.

On the other hand, many people have used these swags without any waterproofing issues whatsoever, so it remains unclear as to whether this is a manufacturing fault or a seasoning issue.


The Kings Escape single swag comes with a 50mm thick mattress included. This is thinner than the 70mm mattress provided with the Kings double swag.

For a weekend trip, the included mattress will be fine but if you are going to be on the road for more than a couple of nights, you may want to look at adding an extra swag mattress to ratchet up the comfort level.

Alternatively, toss it onto a swag stretcher to keep you cool and comfortable!

Kings single swag interior

Alternatively, consider adding a stretcher under your swag to keep off the ground. You’ll find that this is more comfortable and has the extra benefits of keeping you cooler in summer and reduces the likelihood of any insects or wildlife trying to get into your swag.


As you would expect from a swag, the setup for the Kings single swag is super simple.

Undo the straps on the bag and fully roll it out. Join all of the pole segments together and then attach the poles to the locator pins on each corner. Then attach the clips on the tent to the poles.

Finally, attach the central support pole and adjust the length before locking it into position. Attach the tent clips to this support pole too. Optionally, you can peg out the guy ropes to ensure that the storm flaps are taut.

Adventure Kings reckon that it takes just 2 minutes to set up, but I think that 5 minutes is probably more reasonable. Allow 10 minutes or so on your first go.

2 Kings swags set up by a lake

Known Issues & Warranty

On the whole, the Kings Escape Deluxe single swag is highly regarded and considered to be a decent quality unit.

However, as mentioned earlier a number of people have had issues with the waterproofing on this swag. It is not clear whether this is a manufacturing defect or simply a lack of canvas seasoning.

Canvas tents and swags often get poor reviews from people who consider them to not be waterproof, despite many other people having no issues whatsoever. This leads me to believe the seasoning is often the issue when it comes to canvas waterproofing issues.

A few people have also complained that the poles that support either end of this dome swag are quite flimsy and prone to breaking. Even if they don’t break, some have claimed that they aren’t strong enough to properly support the weight of the swag itself.

Swag support poles

Despite this, most people seem very happy with their swag on the whole.

The Kings Escape Deluxe single swag comes with a 1 year warranty, so if you do find that you are having issues with it, you can make a warranty claim directly to Adventure Kings. Find out more about their warranty policy here.

Kings also offer a 30 day Change Of Mind guarantee, should you wish to return the swag before you use it.


You can purchase the Adventure Kings single swag as a standalone unit, with a polyester bag, or with a canvas bag.

Standalone swag with no bag

Standalone Kings Escape Deluxe single swag (no bag)

Use the button below to check the latest prices.

Kings Single Swag FAQ

Below are a list of the most popular questions that people ask when thinking about getting a Kings single swag.

Are Kings swags any good?

Yes and no. They are by no means high quality swags. Kings produce entry level gear for those on limited budgets, and these swags are no exception.

They are cheaply made, and this is reflected in the price and the build quality.

Do Kings swags leak?

Unfortunately, yes. Quite a few users of these swags have commented that they leak readily. This appears to be the sign of a larger problem rather than a few isolated cases.

The best thing that you can do to prevent this is season your swag after you purchase it, and again before use if it has been away in storage for a while.

Do you need to season a Kings swag?

Yes. Leaking has been an ongoing problem with these swags, so it is highly recommended that you season it before use.

How do you season Kings swag?

You season a Kings swag as you would any other swag. Set the swag up in your backyard, then repeatedly soak and fully dry the swag, until you are satisfied that it is waterproof.

For full instructions, check out my guide on seasoning your swag.

Are Kings swag bags waterproof?

The Kings swag bags are made from the same canvas as their swags themselves, so they should be waterproof in theory (for light to moderate rain).

It is worth seasoning the swag bag at the same time as the swag itself to be sure that it is waterproof before relying on it on an actual trip!

How much does the Kings deluxe single swag weigh?

Kings don’t provide any information on this, but the Kings Deluxe single swag reportedly weighs 8.5 kilograms.

Conclusion - Kings Escape Deluxe Single Swag Review

The Kings Deluxe single swag is a decent choice for a single swag. It is a simple, no-frills swag available at an affordable price.

For weekend warriors in particular, this swag is a great balance of quality and price. The 50mm mattress won’t bother you for a night or two and if you’re able to avoid the weekends with really bad weather, any potential waterproofing issues won’t be a problem either.

However, if you will be going away for longer trips, consider upgrading to something with a thicker mattress and more reliable waterproofing.

If you would like to see what else is out there, check out my breakdown of the best swags in Australia.

Any questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Review Summary

Reviewer: Louis
Review Date: 2021-04-08
Reviewed Item: Kings Deluxe Escape Single Swag
Author Rating: 4/5
Product Name: Kings Deluxe Escape Single Swag
Price: AUD $179
Product Availability: Available in Stock

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While Louis does most of his trips near his home in south-east Queensland, he has been camping as far afield as South America and Africa. He loves researching, testing and experimenting with camping gear whenever possible.

  • not fit for purpose
    bought this swag as a gift for my 12 year old son. spent first three days seasoning as required for a canvas product. garden hose, lots of water, big yellow sponge. made sure all the outer was thoroughly wet and set to dry in the sun. did this repeatedly over three days. boxing day camping trip for a week. first night’s sleep was marred by lots of water in the swag. my kid woke me up with wet sleeping bag and book. his reading damaged too. we dried all his gear out the next day in readiness for a good night’s sleep. i assumed it might’ve been not seasoned correctly. Unfortunately same thing happened. by the third night he wasn’t prepared to sleep in it again. i double, triple checked the setup and let it sit empty overnight. the next morning i opened the swag up to discover about 400ml of water inside.
    the water is making it’s way in through the zip linings. The canvas seems to be holding water as required but the outer of the unit sags in the middle allowing water to seep through the zip on both sides. I recommend another brand – of which there are many.

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