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23Zero Bandit Swag Review (900/1100/1400)

Thinking of picking up the Bandit swag but not sure whether it’s actually worth it or not?

Well, in this 23Zero Bandit swag review, we’re going to take a thorough look at how the three sizes of this swag measure up in terms of keeping you dry, comfortable, and being able to sleep soundly, so that you’re refreshed and ready to enjoy the great Australian outdoors!


Bandit Swag 900

Bandit Swag 1100

Bandit Swag 1400

23Zero Bandit Swag 900
23Zero Bandit Swag 1100
23Zero Bandit Swag 1400

205 x 80 cm

205 x 100 cm

205 x 135 cm

85 cm

85 cm

95 cm

14 kg

16 kg

19 Kg

84 x 33 x 36 cm

115 x 45 x 45 cm

150 x 45 x 45 cm

400 GSM Poly/Cotton 65/35 Canvas

400 GSM Poly/Cotton 65/35 Canvas

400 GSM Poly/Cotton 65/35 Canvas

2 years

2 years

2 years

Pros & Cons

23Zero Bandit Swag Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Full zip down storm covers
  • 4 awnings + 4 way entry
  • Fully seam sealed
  • 70mm thick foam mattress
  • PVC coated super-fine insect mesh for keeping bugs out
  • Extra large carry bag included
  • Can comfortably sit up inside
  • Easy to setup and pack up
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Two year warranty
  • Assembly instructions not included
  • Two internal pockets at the foot end may be awkward for some
  • Can be quite heavy to carry
  • Does not include a separate pole bag


Users frequently praise the 23Zero Bandit swag for how spacious it is, even if you’re on the taller side. In comparison to most other swags at a similar price point, the length and width are fairly standard. However, it certainly ‘stands above’ others, due to its generous 85cm of head height on 900/1100, and 95cm on 1400.

23Zero Bandit Swag size

These swags are a bit on the heavier side, though. We recommend parking as close to your campsite as possible, in order to avoid having to carry them for long distances.

The 900 model is great as a single swag, the 1400 is perfect as a double swag, and the 1100 sits somewhere in the middle - perhaps good for 1 person who wants to sprawl out!


The thick poly-cotton canvas on all three models effectively blocks out almost all exterior light, while keeping you dry and comfortable inside.

23Zero Bandit Swag Design

One of the many advantages of these swags, in comparison to similar swags on the market, is that it does not sag in the middle. Four-way entry flaps make it easy to go in and get out whichever way is most comfortable, especially if you’re sharing the space with someone else.


Since all three models of the 23Zero Bandit swags are fully sealed from the inside, it actually comes completely waterproof upon purchase. This saves a ton of time and energy that would typically be spent seasoning the swag at least two or three times.

It’s a perfect option for those who just want to get going, and don’t want to spend extra time going through the seasoning process.

23Zero Bandit Swag Weatherproofing

All three models are made from 400 GSM proofed canvas with a PVC bucket floor for protection - thick, solid material that can keep you nice and dry, even when it’s pouring out.

Of course, if you anticipate that it will be particularly rainy when you head out on your next trip, it is recommended that you bring a tarp along as well, for added protection.


Multiple users have reported that the included 70mm mattress is comfortable and easy to get a good sleep on. It’s better than the usual 50mm mattress that most cheaper swags normally come with.

You won't need to get a replacement swag mattress or swag stretcher like you often need to with cheaper models.

It can be kept clean relatively hassle-free, thanks to the poly-cotton cover.

23Zero Bandit Swag Bedding


Setup for all three models of the 23Zero Bandit swags is typically very straightforward, and can be done within ten minutes.

The aluminium trigger lock adjustable ridge pole is definitely a feature that stands out in this regard.

However, it should be mentioned that it does not include assembly instructions.

23Zero Bandit Swag Setup

Known Issues & Warranty

Known Issues

One of the only minor issues with these swags, is that the bag is not dustproof nor completely waterproof. If you choose to carry it on the roof rack, then it’s recommended that you place a tarp on top, especially if you anticipate rainy weather.

Apart from not having detailed assembly instructions, there appear to be no major issues reported by consumers.

23Zero Bandit Swag Known Issues


The warranty for all three models is good for three years. The manufacturer has an established track record of honoring the warranty, according to multiple consumer reports.


The three models of the 23Zero Bandit swags are slightly more expensive than similar items on the market. In our eyes, however, the price is absolutely justified. It’s a high quality piece of kit from a reputable company. It’ll give you many, many good years of service.

That’s not to mention that very few swags are ready to go straight out of the box, and typically require seasoning at least twice.

We’ve gone through tons of user reviews out there on these swags, and very few people have any complaints. They are generally praised for their superior comfort, space, durability, and easy setup.

So much so that they actually made the top of our list of the best swags in Australia!

We've reviewed quite a few other swags, including the XTM 4x4 swags and Kings swags but these are a cut above the rest.

23Zero Bandit FAQ

Are 23ZERO swags made in Australia?

No, 23Zero products are sourced from different manufacturers, mainly in China.

Which swag is best for couples?

The 23Zero Bandit 1400 would be ideal for couples due to the extra space. The smaller models are best suited for individuals.

Is the carry bag big enough to accommodate my sleeping bag and blanket in the swag rolled up?

Typically you can roll up your sleeping bag in the swag roll. It may be possible to fit a blanket as well, as long as it’s not too thick.

Are you able to roll the swag with the poles in it?

No, you will need to remove the poles and then pack up the swag.

Conclusion - 23Zero Bandit Swag Review

To wrap things up, our verdict is that all three models of the 23Zero swags are phenomenal products all around, and are well worth the investment.

No matter what your experience level is when it comes to camping, the 23Zero Bandit swags are certainly a quality product, best suited for those who want quality and are willing to pay for it.

You’ll find that they’re fairly comfortable and spacious, especially due to the generous amount of head room available. They’ll keep you dry - even during the heaviest downpours, without any water trickling in.

Moreover, these swags are built to last, as they’re made with high-quality material that’s resistant to tearing.

Did we cover everything? Let us know if you have any comments or questions, or if you have any experience using these swags. We look forward to hearing from you!

Until then, safe travels, and enjoy the outdoors!

Review Summary

Reviewer: Louis
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