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Updated: May 18


Swag Bags – Which Are The Best In Australia?

By their very nature, swags operate in pretty tough conditions. They bake in the sun, get pelted with rain and are often set up on rough ground. They can also be pretty bulky and difficult to carry.

So it makes sense to get a bag to protect them when they are not in use and make them easy to carry. In any case, a good quality swag bag can be used to hold your other gear when you don’t need it to store your swag.

Below, I have a list of the best swag bags in Australia. I have gone through and reviewed and compared each of them to help you figure out which one suits you best!

Note that you don’t have to buy a bag from the same company that you bought your swag from. Most swag bags are compatible with other brands, just make sure that you measure the dimensions of your swag when it is packed away to be sure it will fit in your new bag.


OZtrail Canvas Swag Bag - Single

Darche Outbound 1100 Swag Bag

OZtrail RV Biker Swag Sac

AOS Swag Bag Single

AOS Swag Protection System - King

Our Pick
OZtrail Canvas Swag Bag
Darche Outbound Swag Bag
OZtrail RV Biker Swag Sac
AOS Swag Bag
AOS Swag Protection System