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November 9


Best Caravan Fans in Australia – How To Stay Cool In Summer

Does your RV or caravan feel more like a barbecue than a holiday home?

Maybe it’s time to buy a caravan fan. They’re much cheaper to run than air conditioning but they’re still effective at keeping you cool when it’s hot. Every Australian understands the value of a decent fan because they’re much cheaper to run than air-conditioning. 

But which caravan fan should you get?

Let’s look at different 12-volt fans for caravans to find the best one for you. These products have a range of specifications to suit a variety of needs and budget. Check out the guide below.


Caframo Sirocco II Fan 12/24V Black

OZtrail Portable Fan & LED Light Rechargeable

Caframo Bora Fan 12V Black

Outdoor Connection Breezeway 12V Camping Fan

Our pick
Caframo Sirocco II Fan 1224V Black
OZtrail Portable Fan & LED Light Rechargeable
Caframo Bora Fan 12V Black
Best Value
Outdoor Connection Breezeway 12V Camping Fan





1.30 kg

0.53 kg

0.70 kg

1 kg

14 x 27 x 33 cm

13.5 x 23 x 23 cm

9 x 16.5 x 24.1 cm

7 x 39 x 40.5 cm





0.12/0.22/0.35 Ah/hr


0.15/0.18/0.27 Ah/hr

0.20/0.40/1.05 Ah/hr





2 years

1 year

2 years

1 year

Best Caravan Fans Australia

Caframo Sirocco II Fan 12/24V Black

Our Pick

  • Three speeds
  • Four preset timer settings
  • Quiet and long-life design
  • 360° directional airflow
  • Easy to install
  • Space friendly design
  • Two-year warranty
  • Improper installation will void the warranty
  • Expensive

The Sirocco II fan is one of the most advanced models available today.

Caframo is a respected Canadian manufacturer with a strong reputation. This caravan fan is the latest in their range of high-end units. It comes with an improved switch control layout so it’s even easier to use than the previous version.

Nobody wants a noisy caravan fan so customers will be relieved to know that this is one of the quietest you can buy. It’s ultra-quiet with a long-life motor so you get the best of both worlds.

This caravan fan boasts 360° directional airflow thanks to its gimbaled design. This also makes storage easier than it is for other fans.

Meanwhile, users can choose from three speeds with four preset timer settings.

On paper, this is the best 12v fan for caravans. It combines high-tech features with easy-to-use settings. But there are a couple of potential cons that potential buyers should keep in mind.

There’s no denying it’s expensive.

It costs up to $240 but does come with a decent two-year warranty. However, if you fail to install the fan properly and end up with an issue, the warranty is immediately void.

On the upside, it’s an economical fan to run. The three settings have a power consumption of 0.12, 0.22 and 0.35 Ah/hr respectively. This is reasonable compared to other products like the Outdoor Connection Breezeway.

OZtrail Portable Fan & LED Light Rechargeable

Honourable Mention

  • Very cheap
  • In-built light
  • 30 continuous hours of battery life
  • Carry handle with hanging hook
  • USB cable and rechargeable 1800mAh Lithium battery
  • Can charge other devices
  • Only two power settings
  • Less effective than other fans
  • No specified power consumption

This OZtrail fan is on the opposite end of the spectrum to the Sirocco II.

One of the most attractive features is the price. It’s less than $50 with a one-year warranty. However, there is a reason that it’s cheap and this is because it lacks many of the complex settings that others have.

Technically, this isn’t a 12V fan for caravans.

OZtrail’s main target market for this fan is tent owners. It’s light at 530g so it’s easy to carry. Furthermore, the carry handle can double as a hanging hook for added flexibility.

Another asset is the fan’s in-built light.

Once again, this is useful for tent campers because of the all-in-one design. However, caravan owners may not enjoy the full benefit of this feature unless they are using the fan outside.

It only has two speeds but will work for over 30 continuous hours on the lowest setting. Also, it has a rechargeable 1800mAh capacity Lithium battery with a USB cable. You can charge other devices like phones via USB.

One unclear issue is that they don’t specify the power consumption details. It would be good to know how much energy this fan uses so that we can compare apples with apples.

There’s no pretending that this is the 12V fan for caravans. But in fairness to OZtrail, it’s not designed to be. However, if you want a cheap, multi-purpose fan that’s easy to carry, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Caframo Bora Fan 12V Black

Runner Up

  • 3-speed touch control
  • Compact design
  • Low power draw
  • Easy to install
  • Strong airflow but quiet
  • Battery friendly
  • Extremely safe
  • Light
  • Can be mounted in multiple directions
  • Two-year warranty
  • None!

Everybody wants a fan to be convenient and that’s exactly what Caframo tried to achieve with the Bora.

This caravan fan isn’t as advanced or as expensive as their Sirocco II but it is still an excellent model. Firstly, it’s easy to install with a light and compact design. The Bora’s dimensions are significantly smaller (see comparison table above).

Some users will find this more convenient because space is a premium in caravans. The Bora is very effective with 3-speed touch control and a low power draw. This 12-volt fan for caravans is very battery-friendly.

Safety is always an issue with fans when you have small children. However, the Bora has you covered because it is fully guarded on the front and back.

Furthermore, it’s robust and will stay in place on rugged terrain. You can mount it in multiple directions so you should be able to find a place to fit it in your van.

Caravan fans are cheaper to use than air conditioning. But the Bora takes this to the next level. This fan has a power consumption of just 0.15/0.18/0.27 Ah/hr, depending on the setting, when connected to a 12V power source.

It can also be operated with a 24V connection.

Retailing at about $140, with a two-year warranty, the Bora isn’t the cheapest item on this list. However, you receive what you pay for. That’s why it’s arguably the best 12v fan for caravans today.

Outdoor Connection Breezeway 12V Camping Fan

Best Value

  • Three speeds
  • Low noise
  • Low power supply warning
  • Wide blade diameter
  • Folding feet
  • Low price
  • One-year warranty
  • High power consumption

Finally, let’s look at the Outdoor Connection Breezeway.

This caravan fan is substantially cheaper than the Caframo models at around $63. It also comes with a one-year warranty. While the OZtrail is still cheaper, the Breezeway has more to offer. It’s worth spending that extra $10 or $20.

For a start, it has three speeds compared to the OZtrail’s two. It’s nice to have more options than just high or low. Also, it’s a quiet caravan fan that’s suitable for tents as well as camping vehicles.

Neat features include the fan’s folding feet and the carry handle. These make it easy to place the fan in different locations, especially if you like to sit outdoors. It could be perfect if you have an awning or an annex where you want to relax.

There is also a 12” (30cm) blade diameter for increased air circulation.

Another detail is the fan’s low power supply warning system. But this is where the Breezeway camping fan’s main con comes into play.

It’s the hungriest fan in this guide with a higher power consumption than either Caframo model. The Breezeway goes from 0.2 Ah/hr at its lowest setting up to 1.05 Ah/hr at its highest speed.

As a result, It’s far more expensive (and draining on your caravan battery) to use it for long periods than the Sirocco II or the Bora. It’s difficult to compare it to the OZtrail because they don’t specify this detail.

To sum up, this isn’t the best 12V fan for caravans. But if you’re just looking for a reliable unit that will cool you down occasionally, then this should fit your needs perfectly.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Caravan Fans

Before you buy your new caravan fan, you should think about some of the following points.

This will ensure you don’t make a purchase you regret and help you find the best one for your needs!

Amount of Use

Caframo makes the best caravan fans. But they’re also more expensive than their competitors. They won’t represent good value if you only use them once in a blue moon.

That’s why you must think about how often you’ll take your fan out.

Maybe you plan to use it as your main source of cool air when you’re travelling off the grid. If so, the Sirocco II or Bora could be a great bet because they’re reliable and multi-functional.

However, perhaps you just want to sit outside in a caravan park and enjoy a cold drink.

Your RV or caravan may have a full air-con system inside so you don’t need a fan with all of the fancy bells and whistles. All you want is something to keep you cool while you enjoy watching the sun go down.

That’s when a fan like the Outdoor Connection Breezeway shines.

Power Consumption

This is also related to the amount of time you plan to use your fan.

As you’ll have noticed, the more expensive caravan fans typically have a lower power consumption. If you’re planning on using your fan a lot, it may be wise to buy a more expensive option for this reason.

In the long run, you might even save money.

We’re not going to pretend that it’s economical to run the Breezeway for hours on end at its highest speed. After all, it draws around three times the power of the Sirocco II on the max setting. That’s a lot of energy.

Remember this can affect your motorhome’s battery too so it’s crucial to bear in mind. When you add all of your other devices and appliances into the equation, it all adds up.

Make sure that your caravan solar panels are sized appropriately to handle the extra load from your fan if you plan on using it regularly while off grid.

Size and Portability

Depending on your lifestyle you may want the fan to be more portable.

The OZtrail and Breezeway win points in this department because they are very maneuverable. Both fans have handles that enable you to carry them and place them in different locations.

This is something you wouldn’t want to do with your Sirocco II because you will fit it in place in your caravan. The advantage of this is that you’re not tripping over your fan every time you get out of your bed to go to the loo.

Once again, this is entirely down to personal preference.

Size is another issue because every caravan and RV has different limits. It’s important to check the dimensions of the fan before you settle on it so that you can be sure that it’ll fit in your van.

Both of the Caframo units fare well in this category.

Final Thoughts

A caravan fan is a great purchase for any holiday-maker in Australia.

Whether you’re trying to improve your quality of sleep or just want to sit outdoors for half an hour, they make life better.

The main advantages are that they cool a focused area instead of your entire caravan. Meanwhile, they don’t consume as much power as an aircon system.

Remember to consider your lifestyle before you buy a new fan.

Both the Caframo Sirocco II and Bora are excellent units. If you have a smaller van you may prefer the latter because it’s incredibly efficient and lower priced. However, the Sirocco II is extremely popular for RVs.

If you just want a basic 12-volt fan for caravans and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, I’ve got you covered.

The Outdoor Connection Breezeway will suit your needs. Just be careful leaving it to run for long periods on its fastest setting because of the higher power consumption.

As ever, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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