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Updated: May 18


Best Roof Top Tents Australia (incl. Hard Shells) Reviewed [2022]

Keen on getting a roof top tent (aka car top tent) to let you camp wherever your wheels take you? In this article, I review and compare the best roof top tents Australia (both soft and hard shell varieties).

I cover everything from budget through to premium options, showing you the pros and cons of each. There is also a detailed breakdown of everything you need to consider before purchasing a roof top tent.

The first question is: are you interested in a regular roof top tent, or do you want a hard shell (hard top) rooftop tent? If you are not sure click here to jump straight down to my section about the main differences between the two.

Let's get started with a comparison of the roof top tents discussed in this article. Use the tabs below to switch between the soft shell and hard shell comparisons!

  • Soft shell

  • hard shell


Darche Panorama 1400

23Zero Dakota 1400

Kings RTT

ARB Simpson III

Our Pick
Darche Panorama Roof Top Tent
Best Value
23Zero Dakota 1400
Kings RTT


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3.36 m²

3.06 m²

4.50 m²


120 cm

125 cm

134 cm