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Best Rooftop Tents in Australia (Soft & Hard Shells)

Keen on getting a roof top tent (aka car top tent) to let you camp wherever your wheels take you? In this article, I review and compare the best roof top tents Australia (both soft and hard shell varieties).

I cover everything from budget through to premium options, showing you the pros and cons of each. There is also a detailed breakdown of everything you need to consider before purchasing a roof top tent.

The first question is: are you interested in a regular roof top tent, or do you want a hard shell (hard top) rooftop tent? If you are not sure click here to jump straight down to my section about the main differences between the two.

Let's get started with a comparison of the roof top tents discussed in this article. Use the tabs below to switch between the soft shell and hard shell comparisons!

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Darche Panorama 1400

23Zero Dakota 1400

Kings RTT

ARB Simpson III

Our Pick
Darche Panorama Roof Top Tent
Best Value
23Zero Dakota 1400
Kings RTT


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3.36 m²

3.06 m²

4.50 m²


120 cm

125 cm

134 cm


143.5 (L) x 121.5 (W) x 29 (H) cm

143.5 (L) x 121.5 (W) x 33 (H) cm

145 (L) x 125 (W) x 35 (H) cm


61.6 kg

57.6 kg

57 kg

81 kg

50 mm

65 mm

75 mm

63 mm

2 years

2 years

1 year

3 years

One size

One size

Soft Shell Rooftop Tents

Darche Panorama Roof Top Tent

Darche Panorama Roof Top Tent

Our Pick

  • 340 GSM thick poly/cotton ripstop canvas for excellent waterproofing
  • Comes with a 50mm thick mattress with a removable cotton cover
  • 61.6kg is fairly light
  • Packs down to flat aerodynamic shape - won’t add too much to fuel costs
  • Tent can be oriented to open at the side OR rear of the vehicle
  • Excellent build quality
  • 2 year warranty
  • Bedding must be removed when packing up the tent - though this allows it to be very aerodynamic when packed
  • Fairly expensive

The Darche Panorama 2 is a staple of the Australian rooftop tent scene. Until recently, it has always come with an attached annex; these two products are sold separately now. Purchasing the annex typically adds around $400 to the price tag.

This is a well-built rooftop tent, with thick 340 GSM canvas that will keep you dry no matter what. These tents are designed to handle wind, rain and snow.

The included 50mm high density foam mattress is comfortable to sleep on, although not as thick as some of the competitors.

Packing down to a flat aerodynamic shape with a weight of only 61.6kg means that the Darche Panorama 2 won't impact your fuel consumption too much.

It is a fairly expensive product, but it comes with a 2 year warranty to give you peace of mind. You can expect to get plenty of use out of this tent over the years to come.

Darche also offers the Intrepidor and Hi-View roof top tents, which are cheaper versions of the Panorama. They are made with a slightly thinner canvas. The 1,800 and 2,200 models can sleep 3 and 4 people respectively. 

Use the buttons below to find out more about each of them.

Want more info? Check out my Darche Panorama roof top tent review!

23Zero Dakota 1400 Rooftop Tent with LST

23Zero Dakota 1400

Runner Up

  • Light Suppression Technology (LST) keeps tent interior cool and dark - great for sleeping in
  • Large sky roof and side windows
  • 65mm mattress nice and thick
  • 2 year warranty
  • Waterproof rating not specified
  • Sleeping area slightly thinner than other options
  • 280 GSM canvas on the thinner side
  • Bedding must be removed before packing it up

The 23Zero Dakota 1400 is another quality addition to this list of the best roof top tents in Australia.

This is a fantastic tent for those who are looking for more than just utility and functionality in their roof top tent. A large sky roof and side windows paired with a thick 65mm mattress make this a very comfortable tent.

The Light Suppression Technology means that rather than the sun waking you up at the crack of dawn, you can sleep in as long as you like.

Unfortunately, the canvas is a little thinner on this tent compared to the competition, and the waterproof rating is not specified by 23Zero, so it is difficult to know how it will hold up in serious rain.

However, with a 2 year warranty, you can rest easy knowing that this is a quality tent that is built to last.

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent

Adventure Kings

Best Budget/Cheap Roof Top Tent