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Cromtech Outback Generator Review (2400W & 4500W) – Worth It?

Generators allow you to blend modern living with outdoor living in the sense that it allows you to have the luxury of electricity in an outdoor setting. This is why many caravan and RV owners like having a generator on hand.

With generators generally being so expensive, most people fear that owning one is luxury. Thankfully, budget options like the Cromtech Outback Generator offer decent performance at a lower price point than premium generators.

In this Cromtech Outback generator review, we will look at its good points, as well as some of the issues that tend to crop up with this unit. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide whether or not the Cromtech Outback generator is for you.


Cromtech Outback 2400W Inverter Generator

Cromtech Outback 4500W Inverter Generator

Cromtech Outback 2400W Inverter Generator
Cromtech Outback 4500W Inverter Generator





Single phase

Single phase



5.0 L

7.0 L





6 hours at 75% load

4 - 12 hours (Depending on load)

52-59db at 7m

55-60db at 7 m

19.8 kg

37.7 kg

512 x 315 x 447 mm

580 x 453 x 481 mm

1 year

1 year

Pros & Cons

Cromtech Outback Generator Pros and Cons
  • Very affordable
  • Very compact and lightweight - a great generator for caravan camping
  • Very quiet - only 52-60 dB at 7 metres which is only as loud as a normal conversation at 1 metres
  • Has 2 power outlets, a 12V DC outlet, and 2 USB ports - plenty of outlets for appliances and gadgets.
  • The 4,500W model has a multi-function power pack that can double as a power bank, torch, and jumpstart a small vehicle.
  • The 4,500W model has a 3-way starting system for ease of use
  • Service and spare parts support available
  • A smaller engine means it has to work harder to achieve the same power output - might be bad if frequently used under heavy loads
  • Only 1 year warranty period - the shortest warranty period out of all generators we reviewed so far


If you’re looking for a generator to power your caravan or RV during camping trips, you certainly cannot look past the Cromtech generators due to their lightweight and compact design.

At 512mm long, 314mm wide, 447mm tall, and weighing only 19.8 kg, the Cromtech 2,400W Outback generator is the lightest, most compact generator in its class making it the perfect generator for a quick caravan getaway. The small size makes it very portable and easy to store.

The bigger and more powerful 4,500W sits at 37.7kg and is 580mm long, 453mm wide, and 481 mm tall. It’s equipped with a set of wheels as it’s pretty difficult to move around without these.

Heavier than the former but still lighter and more compact than other generators in its class.

Cromtech Outback 2400W Inverter Generator Design

The Cromtech 4,500W inverter generator has a 3-way starting system. The manual, push-button, and remote control.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a multifunction power pack that is mainly used as the generator’s start-up battery but can also be detached and used independently as a power bank, torch, and even to jump-start a small vehicle—a convenient feature for outdoor leisure activities.

Both models have 2 power outlets with a weatherproof cover for outdoor protection, a 12V DC outlet, and 2 USB charging outlets for charging your phone and other gadgets.

Cromtech Outback 4500W Inverter Generator Power Pack

Power Specs

The Cromtech Outback generator is a popular option for caravan and RV owners because it offers high-performance despite its lightweight and compact design.

The smaller Cromtech generator has a maximum power output of 2,400W with a 2,100W continuous power output. Enough to run a small to medium-sized caravan with a small fridge, air conditioner, lights, and charge phones, laptops, and other gadgets as needed (you cannot run them all at the same time).

The Cromtech 2400W runs on a smaller 79cc engine, the same size used by other brands on a 2,000W generator. This means it has to work harder to achieve the rated maximum power output.

Because of this, we recommend that you only use this for recreational purposes or as a backup generator - not necessarily for mission critical medical devices.

Cromtech Outback Generator Power Specs

For larger caravans and RVs with lots of appliances that require more power, you can go for the Cromtech 4,500W instead. It has significantly more power than most generators, making it more suitable for running multiple appliances all at once.

It can top up your battery, and is great for days when the sun isn't shining and you can't rely on your solar panels.

Furthermore, it’s equipped with sine wave technology that transforms DC to AC safely so that you can power sensitive devices like phones and laptops.

Both units run on petrol. The 2,400W has a 5L fuel capacity and can run for up to 6 hours at 75% load. The 4,500W has a 7L fuel capacity and can run 4 to 12 hours depending on the load.

Like some premium options, the Cromtech generators are relatively quiet. They’re rated at 52-59 (2,400W) and 55-60 (4,500W) decibels at a 7 metre range which means it’s only as loud as a regular conversation at 1 metre.

Known Issues & Warranty

Known Issues

In general, the Cromtech Outback generator is considered a high-quality and reliable product. Most consider it to be one of the best budget generators available in the market.

Compared to other premium brands, however, the Cromtech Outback generator has a far smaller engine than premium brands like the Yamaha EF2400iS. This means the engine will need to work harder in order to reach the same amount of power.

If placed under heavy loads frequently, it could strain the engine and possibly lead to early damage to the product.

Thankfully, we haven’t found any customer who raised this issue yet. We are simply trying to point out what could happen because of the smaller engine.

One customer also complained that they couldn’t use the remote start feature of the 4,500W unit while there was any load attached to the unit.

However, this is not that big of a deal considering that the manual directs you to disconnect any load before starting the generator like this.


Cromtech offers only a 1 year warranty for the Outback generators which is far less than what most companies offer, equaled only by the Gentrax generators.

Most competitors (like the Engel generators) offer 2-4 year warranties, so this is definitely a drawback with the Cromtech Outback range.

However, they are backed by the national agent service network and spare parts support from Crommelines Machinery Australia with over 500 service agents nationwide, a feature most generators in the budget range don’t have.

In terms of honouring the warranty claims, there haven’t been any complaints that we can see of Cromtech failing to honour a claim.

Find out more about the Cromellins warranty.

Cromtech Outback 2400W Inverter Generator-cover


Cromtech is considered to be one of the most affordable inverter generators in the market.

For less than half the cost of the Yamaha EF2400iS, you’re getting a powerful, compact, reliable, and quiet machine that is perfect as a caravan or RV generator.

If you’re looking for a generator that you can use for recreational activities like driving to a campsite with your motorhome on a weekend, this generator is good bang for your buck.

Cromtech Outback Generator (2400W & 4500W) FAQ

Are Cromtech generators any good?

Yes, Cromtech generators are considered reliable and high-quality products at a more affordable price.

Where are Cromtech generators made?

The Cromtech generators are made in China and distributed in Australia.

Final Thoughts - Cromtech Outback Generator Review (2400W & 4500W)

The Cromtech Outback generators offer good performance and portability at an affordable price.

Their compact and lightweight design makes them ideal for use in caravans and RVs.

If you’re looking for an affordable generator that can handle the load of your caravan or RV for a weekend camping trip, the Cromtech 2400W Inverter generator is the perfect generator for you.

However, if you’re planning to use the generator frequently (e.g. you’re using them daily for your food truck business, or you’re living off-grid most of the time), we highly recommend that you opt for one of the more premium brands with bigger engines instead.

The smaller engines of the Cromtech 2400W Inverter generator mean it has to work harder to achieve the same power output compared to the Yamaha EF2400iS. Therefore, there’s a possibility that they might give out sooner if placed frequently under heavy loads.

You’ll also benefit from a longer warranty when going with a better brand.

Alternatively, you can use the Cromtech 4,500W instead of a premium brand 2,400W. This will give you more power at about the same price.

Review Summary

Reviewer: Louis
Review Date: 2022-01-24
Reviewed Item: Cromtech Outback Generators
Author Rating: 4/5
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