Updated: July 1


Best Drawer Fridges in Australia – An Honest Opinion

Are you looking for ways to increase space in your caravan?

It’s a struggle that every camper has to deal with. We want all of the fancy appliances but we soon run out of room. However, there are some easy ways to save space if you’re open-minded!

A caravan drawer fridge could be the solution to your congestion problems.

These pull-out appliances take up less space than a standard refrigerator and can be used in the caravan, camper or 4WD. This flexibility is fantastic because it offers a lot of freedom.

Let’s find the best drawer fridge for your needs!


Evakool 40 Litre Drawer Fridge/Freezer

Dometic CD-30 Drawer Fridge

Engel SB30F Drawer Fridge

Brass Monkey 20L Drawer Fridge/Freezer

Our pick
Evakool 40 Litre Drawer Fridge Freezer
Dometic CD-30 Drawer Fridge
Engel SB30F Drawer Fridge
Best Value
Brass Monkey 20L Drawer FridgeFreezer