Updated: May 18


Best Caravan Roof Vents & Hatches in Australia – What To Buy?

Do you wish that your caravan had more ventilation?

A good caravan roof hatch could be the answer. These modifications allow more air to circulate through your camping vehicle. They’re also an excellent source of natural light so they can brighten up the inside of your van!

These days there are many styles available for every budget.

Some of these caravan vent covers are high-tech with multiple settings. Others are more simplistic and do the job without bells and whistles. In this guide, we’ll look at a variety to help you find the best caravan roof vent.

Let’s get started!


MaxxFan Deluxe w/ Rain Dome, Thermostat, Power Lift

Dometic Fantastic Vent 3350

Elixir 12V Roof Vent 14" x 14"

Jensen Roof Hatch 14" x 14"

premium option
MaxxFan Deluxe with Rain Dome, Thermostat, Power Lift and Remote
Dometic Fantastic Vent 3350
our pick
Elixir 12V Roof Vent 14 x 14
Jensen Roof Hatch 14 x 14