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Updated: July 1


Best Caravan Air Conditioners in Australia – A Detailed Guide

Is your caravan more like an oven than a happy holiday home?

There’s nothing quite like an Australian summer. We all have memories of roasting away in our vans like a pig on a spit on a hot summer’s night. Fans can help a bit, but when it really gets hot, they tend to just blow around the hot air without helping much.

If you want to create your own personal caravan mini-climate then you’ll need an air conditioner. The beauty of these is that, provided they can run as a reverse cycle unit, they can be used to heat your van in winter.

However, it’s not always easy to find the right type for you. A variety of styles suit different vehicles and lifestyles.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help. Let’s look at several caravan air conditioners with different pros and cons.


Dometic Harrier Lite Air Conditioner

Truma Aventa Comfort Reverse Cycle

Finch Australia HB9000 Under Bunk Aircon

Truma Saphir Comfort Ducted AC

Close Comfort Cool Focus Portable AC

Dometic Harrier Lite
Best RoofTop
Truma Aventa Comfort
Best UnderBunk
Finch Australia Underbunk
Truma Saphir Comfort
Best Portable
Close Comfort Portable